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TinCaps & Parkview Field Earn Top Spot

The ranking list is based primarily on the score of Stadium Journey correspondents, known as the FANFARE rating. This includes looking at the ballpark's food & beverage options, the overall atmosphere, the neighborhood around the park, the fans, the access, the overall return on investment, and one category for any extras or special features. Stadium Journey also takes into account the ratings of their readers, known as the "crowd score" as the primary tiebreaker.

Parkview Field re-gains the top spot on the annual list of minor league ballparks. According to Stadium Journey Magazine "The experience at Parkview Field is what all minor league baseball teams should strive for. Great food, great seating options, a great neighborhood, great entertainment, and great customer service are all present here on a nightly basis. Parkview Field on its own would be one of the finer facilities in minor league baseball. Couple that with a major league organization and customer service, and you have an unbeatable combination."